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What is Oakgrove?

Oakgrove RPG server

The Oakgrove RPG server is a Survival Multi-Player (SMP) 
Minecraft server.

 We use the Craftbukkit wrapper so that we can install fun plugins that alters the gameplay for our players.

In Oakgrove you can claim a piece of land to call your own and build your home on. Complete with chests that only you can open.
Level up your skills by gathering resources and constructing buildings.
Sell what recourses you don't need to earn extra dollars, the in-game currency, and use it to buy rare items or resources! 
- Ganz

Oakgrove Plugins and Features:
  • mcMMO - Level up for easier resource gathering!
  • iConomy - Our money system, gives you an account and the ability to transfer currency.
  • Warp - Travel from place to place with the mighty Stargates!
  • Npc - Used to populate the world and do your work for you when you are offline!
  • WorldEdit/WorldGuard - Claim a piece of land for yourself. Turn off PvP damage inside it, or disable creeper explosions. With you as the owner of the lot, only you can open chest or destroy blocks inside your square.
  • Monsters - Monsters drop loot, makes monster hunting extra profitable!
  • More plugins to discover! Like with Hidden Door, you never know where there could be a secret room!

As a player on the Oakgrove server you have a say in which plugin we install and use.
Open world PvP or not? Real-time minimap ingame? You decide!

Leave a comment below!
Anyone with a premium Minecraft account are welcome to join us.
To start playing on Oakgrove, just click multiplayer in minecraft and write:

I'll see ya in Oakgrove! ;)