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2011-01-29 - Levelcraft

We have switched the level up plugin we were using and are now trying out a new one.
We were using "Skills 0.8", were you level slowly and got restrictions on blocks like diamonds.
The server now uses "LevelCraft v1.9", which has a restriction on the tools you use instead.
You level up much faster and there are alot more levels.

Iconomy: Use your Eura to buy experience points from admin.

Main reason for the switch:
What LevelCraft has that sets it above Skills is the fact that you get different amounts of Exp from different block types.
Stone= 5 Exp
Coal= 10 Exp
Iron=  20 Exp
and so on...


  • /level list - Shows active stats.
  • /level [w|m] - Shows stat statistics.
  • /level notify - Toggles telling a user when they gain exp.
  • /level unlocks [stat] - Shows tools level unlocks.

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