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2011-02-03 Bugfixes

Todays update was mostly a bug fix.
And Ohh did it fix bugs.

1. Finally, the annoying bug that forces you to use capital first letter in all commands or just type in plain CAPS, is gone! Now we can go back to normal commands like before, Huzzah!
2. Region control is back up, now we can keep creepers away again!
3. The wool-issue has been solved. Now colored wool can be placed without turning white.
4. Probably more that I can't think of right now. LoL!

Me (Admin) and a friend spent some time building a huge Arena.
To be able to properly use this new building, we've decided that the next update will be a new plugin:
War - Minecraft TDM & CTF
That's right. Team DeathMatches and Capture The Flag!
This will be in the next update and is not yet on the server.
More info will come with the next update.


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