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2011-01-26 - Guild Update


The server is now updated.

The updated plugins were:
"[ADMIN]Permissions" - bugfixes
"[GENERAL] Essentials" - bugfixes
"Skills v0.8" - 0.8 - Gifts, hunting, combat, explosion.

A new feature has been added:

Guild System!
This new plugin, called "Guilds" which will allow players to group up in guilds or parties.

Commands, use /gg or /guild infront of them:
cmd - Shows this list
create [guildname] [kind] - Adds an empty guild with you as admin (leaving your old one)
removeany [guild] - Removes any guild
kinds - Shows a list of avaliable guild kinds
remove - Removes your guild
save [guild] - Saves a guild to a file
load [guild] - Loads and adds a guild from a file
saveall - Saves all guilds to their files
list - Shows list of existing guilds joinable
reloadall - Reloads the guilds from their files
join [guild] - Joins a guild
leave - Leaves a guild
invite [player] - Invites a player to a guild
kick [player] - Kicks a player from a guild
setarea - Set the guild area
me - Shows your guild
set [function] [value] -  Change guild values
permissions - List guild permissions
functions - List guild functions that is adjustable
members <guild> - List members in a guild
admins <guild> - List admins in a guild
promote [player] - Promote a player in your guild
demote [player] - Demote a player in your guild
accept - Accept a guild invite
decline - Decline a guild invite
upgrade - Try to upgrade your guild
nextlevel - Print out what is needed for the next guild level
turnin [itemid] [amount] - Turn in stuff to your \"guild leveler\"
sethome - Sets the guild warp point
home - Teleport to your guild area
activate - Activates a guild so it is loaded on restart
pstart [partyname] - Starts a party
pjoin [party] - Joins a party
pleave - Leaves a party
/p [message] - Party chat (no /gg or /guild infront)
/g [message] - Guild chat (no /gg or /guild infront)

Functions adjustable in guild:
function/functionshort - Description
invite/inv <number> - Set rank needed to invite players
kick <number> - Set rank needed to kick players
promote/prom <number> - Set rank needed to promote players
demote/dem <number> - Set rank needed to demote players
build/bld <number> - Set rank needed to build in guild area
destroy/dstry <number> - Set rank needed to destroy blocks in guild area
sethome/sh <number> - Set rank needed to set the guild area
usechest/uc <number> - Set rank needed to use chests in the guild area
useworkbench/uw <number> - Set rank needed to use workbenches in the guild area
usedispenser/ud <number> - Set rank needed to use a dispenser in the guild area(not working yet)
eatcake/ec <number> - Set rank needed to eat cake (not working yet) in the guild area
opendoors/od <number> - Set rank needed to open doors in the guild area
pulllevers/pl <number> - Set rank needed to pull levers in the guild area
pushbuttons/pb <number> - Set rank needed to push buttons in the guild area
triggertnt/tt  <number> - Set rank needed to trigger tnt in guild area(not working yet)

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