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Oakgrove RPG Server

Welcome, Minecraft player!

The Server.
The Oakgrove RPG server is, simply, a Survival Multi-Player (SMP) minecraft server.

In Oakgrove you can claim a piece of land to call your own and build your home on. Complete with chests that only you can open.
Level up your skills by gathering resources and constructing buildings.
Sell what recourses you don't need to earn extra Eura, the in-game currency, and use it to buy rare items or resources!

Anyone with a premium Minecraft account are welcome to join us.

To start playing on Oakgrove, just click multiplayer in minecraft and write:

This blog.

This blog will work as THE place to get information about Oakgrove.
Downtime, Updates and Announcement will be posted here.

See you guys, in Oakgrove.

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