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2011-02-10 HUGE RPG Overhaul!

This update is huge!
Simply very big! First, let's get the update taken care of!

Craftbukkit. - New version
General Commands plugin. - New version.
The shopping plugin. - Stock added.
Jail. - Throw people in jail, finally!
Serverbot. - We now have our own serverbot, it's pretty useless right now, but we'll see. I named it Botchar.
MonsterHunt. - It was spazing out and when updated stopped worked completly. We have other stuff to do for now, but it will be back in the future.
Player Request:
Someone wanted to see a overhead map of our... um... map. So I've added it to the summery of the server, follow this link or find it in the blog archive!

The RPG Overhaul!
Alright, check this out:

  • Party System
  • Repair tools and armor with anvils
  • Admin Chat
  • Player customizable spawns
  • Death Notification (Includes PVP messages)
  • RPG Elements
  • Skills
  • Turn gravel into clay with flowing water.. its magic, I don't got to explain derp


  • /mcmmo - Displays a description of the mod and how to play
  • /mcc - Displays a list of mcMMO commands in game
  • /stats - View detailed information on your mcMMO stats
  • /a - Toggle admin chat (requires Op)
  • /setmyspawn - Set your own personal spawn location stored in a file
  • /myspawn - Return to your own personal spawn as if you had died (use this instead of suicide)

Party System
There are a few commands with the Party System
  • /ptp - Party Teleport
  • /party <nameofparty>
  • /p - Toggle party Chat
Using ptp will teleport you to the designated party member. Using /party will allow you to see a party member list when given no additional arguments. If you specify a partyname you will join this party.

Players can repair Iron/Diamond tools and armor using an anvil (Iron Block). Its more worth it to repair an item than to build a new one. Depending on your repair skill, you may repair better than normal. All a player has to do is approach the anvil with item in hand that he/she wished to repair and then right click. It costs 1 iron ingot to repair iron items, and 1 diamond to repair diamond items.
Based on unarmed skill you will do more damage with your bare hands. At very high skill levels you can disarm opponents!
Now you can have an excuse for punching every rose you see, with herbalism you gain skill by picking ups and managing a farm. Herbalism effects drops while farming and how much you heal with bread and stew. At very high levels bread will heal a LOT!
Your shovel is the shovel that will pierce the heavens! Dig through dirt, sand, or gravel for treasure with excavation. The semi-random rewards you get is based on your skill level and what type of material you are digging.

And to top this off! Here are some tips:
For the fastest leveling of mining, I would recommend digging out all the coal/redstone you see, these give a lot of XP and are plentiful. I don't recommend only mining stone to level up as it gives a fraction the XP rate of other materials.
If you team up with other players, I recommend you be in the same party. Not causing accidental damage to one another is crucial.
Getting your repair high enough will allow you to repair precious items such as iron or diamond armor with a fraction of the material cost to make them.

Alright, that's it. Have fun and report any bugs you find, either ingame or in the comments below!

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