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2011-02-12 Towny

This isn't so much a real update as it's a info post.
We are now using "Towny" to set up Nations and towns.
There are alot of good features in this plugin that lets us handle things more automatic.

  • Mob removal in towns.
  • Town/ally chats
  • With Iconomy it lets us handle taxes and plot prices automatically!
  • Taxes and such!
  •  Block permissions
  • Better PvP control.
  • Start wars between nations!
And, in the future there will be even more cool stuff!
Like NPCs, and maybe a way to earn money each day on your plots! 

This craftbukkit plugin shows real promise, so check out the Thread and give it some love! 


  1. Minecrafter eh? Sounds good to me. I love minecraft. I'll keep checking your blog out as well.

  2. If anyone would like to play some, the ip is in the banner on this blog. :)

  3. Minecraft is my fave game ever!! And I haven't even played online yet..

  4. Yayayayya mine craft =] Wanna get started in this

  5. Didn't try the rpg system of minecraft yet! Was already having much fun without it! So gotta give it a try x)

  6. Havent played minecraft before!

  7. I would join if I had decent internet!