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2011-02-14 The NPC Update.

The First NPC update!

Sorry for posting again so soon but once we got this going we wanted to use it!

This update might not seem so big to those who wasn't involved with the behind-the-scenes stuff.
But since it will effect those who play in the future I will post the changes here.
Here we go:

NPC - Finally. Only shopping-related npcs for now, from which you can buy and sell. Or own it.
Chest Stores - Place a chest with stuff in it and a sign above and players lose money when they remove things from the chest, and you earn money. Buy it haven't been fully tested yet.
iMonsters - Simply, monsters drop loot. Like money. You like money, don't you?

SimpleShop/SimpleMarket - will not be used anymore, all stores will be local. If we bring it back it will be for things like torches. Things you might wanna buy when deep in a mine.
Towny - It's gone for now. No more taxes and such until it's more updated. Until then we will protect ourself with worldguard and use other nice plugins. We'll probably come back to this one.

That's about it for this update.
Now get in here and make your fortune!


  1. NICE! I love how Minecraft keeps improving. I will follow to keep up with all the updates :)

  2. yay monster loot what a concept haha

  3. I will be the richest of them all!!!!!

  4. That's the way to learn game programming.

  5. great update, hope to see more stuff from u.

    maybe i could join in with u guys..

  6. I love this game so much. Do you use a whitelist?

  7. No we run with a blacklist. Giving the benefit of the doubt, ya know. ;)

  8. Wow, a shopping npc in Minecraft. Great.

  9. Man, this game looks fun :/ I need to start saving up for it ASAP.

  10. Hey this is awesome.
    is there anyway I can join this server?


  11. I would personally love to see a video breakdown of this modification. It sounds like you are doing so excellent work.

  12. :/ MUST TRY MINECRAFT! but I got no time =[