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2011-02-16 Update

Servers Craftbukkit
mcMMO v0.5.16
Changed the skill requirements for the bonuses of Acrobatics
Fixed bug preventing damage from scaling with bows/unarmed
Fixed disarm proc
Added total skill to /stats
Modified the look of /stats
Fixed PVP bug
Removed skill gain from parries
Repairing items now refreshes your iron/diamond stacks to reflect their true values
Added permissions for individual skills
Fixed bug where unarmed permissions was not being checked for in PVP
iMonsters v1.7
Minor update added /imonster command to help troubleshoot problems, it doesnt do anything but send you a message with some settings information to help us better troubleshoot the plugin if a problem arises.
All money drops has been increased, some by alot.
Stats & Achievements v0.52
NPCTrader V0.94
Fixed not checking stock when doing /npc setup.
Made the setup's error messages way more intuitive.

Announcer 0.2 Wow! This plugin freaking sucks! Removed.


The recent MySQL conversion went off without a hitch, that was two days ago and we've been using the new systems flawlessly since then.
So It's time to add in plugins again and try to decide which one we will run with.
The biggest question right now is: Towny or no Towny?
For those wanting more information about Towny follow this link!

In other news. Local player Anteliol has been awarded 500 Eura for his recent monument to vanity:
The Red Star.

He'd been punching sheeps and picking flowers all morning to build this ending up using 557 red wool blocks. In the end, admin had to go around seeding new flowers. *sigh*

See ya next time.


  1. Hmm, what is the significance of the red star?

  2. The significance of the red star?
    Hell if I know. It might aswell be a pentagram.
    But he put alot of work into it and it's pretty big. So kudos to him!

  3. looks like a pentagram to me!

  4. only if my video card on my desktop didn't over heat i would be completing my maze castle. Ive already gotten 3 of my friends lost in there XD

  5. lol i think the star in uneven no to burst any ones bubble nice blog and look forward to playin some minecraft

  6. Pretty impressive, although I would recommend making it out of brick lest meet something Fire'y.

  7. I.Need.To.Try.This.

    Damn my lack of free time. >.<

  8. In mother russia... Haha thanks man!

  9. Wow that must of took a lot of time to farm the wool and dye, I only have like 30 red dye and I have activately been picking it up.